Welcome to the website of the zukunft.niedersachsen project “Climate Change and Early Humans in the North” (CCEHN), where you can get the latest updates on the advancements of our projects, at the confluence between archaeology, geology, climatology and aDNA.


Revolution wood! Schöningen and the earliest wooden artefacts of humankind

D. Leder, A. Milks, A. Schwalb, T. Terberger
July 2024

Concluding research on Schöningen's wooden artefacts published

D. Leder, T. Terberger
April 2024

CCEHN scientists @phaeno museum Wolsfburg

G. Di Maida
November 2023

Abri Stendel XVIII, Lk. Göttingen – Humans in the Late Glacial to early Holocene environment

T. Böckenförde
November 2023

New results from the Unicorn cave (Einhornhöhle)​

G. Russo
October 2023

Friedrichsdorf-Seulberg, Lk. Hochtaunuskreis. New insights into a 34,000-year-old open-air site of the Late Aurignacian

T. Böckenförde
October 2023

An Archaeological and Geoscientific Research and Educational Excavation in Lichtenberg, Lower Saxony

M. Weiss
September 2023

Neanderthals in the north
A review of the record and new researches

G. Di Maida
June 2023

Paleoclimate variability, mechanisms, and impacts on early humans

K. Dulias, D.-K. Chinnaswamy, S. Wagner, A. Schwalb
May 2023

Project II: Middle Pleistocene glacial and postglacial landscape evolution

J. Winsemann
April 2023

Chronological framework

N. Rahimzadeh, S. Tsukamoto, T. Lauer
March 2023

Landscape and environmental development during the Middle and Late Pleistocene

B. Urban, M. Hein, M. Theuerkauf
Febuary 2023

Early humans and Neanderthals in glacial context – Archaeology of the Lowlands

M. Weis
January 2023
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